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If you’re considering LYFGENIA, we want to make sure you’re supported.

That’s why we created my bluebird support—a personalized support program focused on helping as you and your doctor make
decisions throughout your treatment journey.

By enrolling with my bluebird support, you’re not signing up for treatment but just to start the conversation with a Patient Navigator to get resources, answers to your questions, and assistance with the next steps that are right for you. my bluebird support is available to you at no cost; simply complete the Program Enrollment Form below and you’re ready to go!
Enroll now Enroll now

You will have a dedicated Patient Navigator to help

Connect with your Patient Navigator, a patient support specialist through my bluebird support, who is available to help when making a decision with your doctor, to help locate Qualified Treatment Centers (QTCs), and to educate, navigate, and elevate when needed.


Guiding you and your loved ones through the treatment journey while connecting you with helpful people and organizations.


Sharing important resources about gene therapy and the benefits information you need to access treatment with insurance.


Collaborating with you to help reach your personal health goals.

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