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LYFGENIA is only available at Qualified Treatment Centers. All centers listed below may discuss LYFGENIA, but only activated centers (shown below in light blue) can administer or treat with LYFGENIA at this time.

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Each LYFGENIA QTC has been carefully selected based on their expertise in areas such as sickle cell disease, transplant, cell, and gene therapy, and are trained to administer LYFGENIA. Inclusion of a QTC in this locator tool does not represent an endorsement, referral, or recommendation from bluebird bio. It is the sole discretion of patients and their healthcare provider to determine which QTC may be the best fit for them. Please note that circumstances of coverage for LYFGENIA may vary based on your healthcare plan; my bluebird support may be able to help answer questions about coverage for LYFGENIA.​

No fees have been or will be received by bluebird bio for participation in the QTC locator tool.