Actor Portrayals
Actor Portrayals

LYFGENIA is a one-time gene therapy to treat sickle cell disease in individuals
12 years of age or older and a history of vaso-occlusive events (VOEs)

How LYFGENIA works at the genetic level

LYFGENIA is a gene addition therapy designed to add genetic material to your cells. No donor needed.

One-time treatment process with 6 key steps

The LYFGENIA treatment process focuses on you—from pre-treatment to follow-up plan.

Need support with LYFGENIA? We can help

Whether you are talking to your doctor and just learning about LYFGENIA or are preparing for the LYFGENIA treatment process, my bluebird support can provide additional help.
LYFGENIA Consideration Brochure icon

Explore our Consideration Brochure Explore our Consideration Brochure

Our brochure can be a helpful resource for learning about LYFGENIA or to have available when making an informed decision with your doctor.

Find a Qualified Treatment Center (QTC) Find a Qualified Treatment Center (QTC)

Each LYFGENIA QTC has been carefully selected based on their expertise in areas such as transplant, gene therapy, and sickle cell disease.
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